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Captivated by the layers of this practice, Mikaela holds space for it all: breath, stillness, movement, expression, connection and community As a student and teacher of the practice of yoga, Mikaela always comes back to the intention of it being a self love ritual, and a daily opportunity to expand and evolve “Students can expect my classes to offer challenges as well as nourishment for the body and mind. My intention is to hold a safe space, where students can drop all expectation at the door and come to their mat just as they are.I like to invite my students to tap into a flow that is creative, curious, authentic, playful and strong. It’s paired with mindful breath, motivating insight, traditional teachings and inspiring music Students discover a deeper level of awareness, and through that opening they can connect with their highest self. Their best self. Who they truly are. What a blessing.

Find Mikaela at YYoga and Semperviva.