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Lauren Larocque

I am a passionate event planner by day, and yoga teacher by night and weekend. When I found the practice of yoga, it quickly became a way of learning about myself and connecting with myself through breath AND movement. I practice because it keeps me grounded and balanced. My mat is my safe place. I graduated from my first teacher training in 2017 and am eager to continue to expand my knowledge. I strive to guide students of all levels through intelligent, creative and fun sequences allowing them to find the best version of themselves with every pose and breath in a safe and positive atmosphere. When I'm not on my mat, I am most likely planning an event of some sort. I love working out the logistics, details and coordination that go into making an event successful. Aside from events and yoga, music feeds my soul (I will often spend too much money on concert tickets), I love a good NASCAR race (#48) and I have a huge case of wanderlust. You can find Lauren at Inner Revolution and Iron North studios.