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Erica Connolly

After having spent almost a decade in the corporate world, Erica decided to pursue her passion of Yoga with the goal of sharing the life transforming benefits she experienced through her personal practice. Her Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Yoga with The Wise Living Yoga Academy, an affiliate to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India – the world’s oldest organized Yoga Institution, centered her life on the path of Yoga, not just as a physical practice, but as a holistic lifestyle. Her interest in the practice of Yoga continues to grow having studied Trauma Informed Yoga and Yin Yoga and as is often found saying "sometimes a teacher, always a student". Erica will meet you wherever you are on your Yoga journey and help you to find the strength mentally and physically that you need to progress. Her classes focus on alignment, connecting breath to postures (asanas), while building strength, openness and playfulness. Classes are infused with essential oils and will keep you feeling grateful for your journey through Yoga.