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The Sleep is Everything Bundle

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In our humble opinion, there is no self-care without good sleep.  If you, or a loved one, are working on making sleep a top priority and need some support, this bundle is for you!

This bundle gives you:

Sleep Like Buddha natural sleep aid  60 veggie capsules

Specially formulated for "busy brain". We all know how important good quality sleep is to overall health and mood. Our Sleep Like Buddha natural sleep supplement combines three trusted natural ingredients to help you relax, fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer, so you can wake up refreshed and take on your tomorrow.
✔ Featuring 5-HTP, Passionflower, and L-Theanine
 Melatonin-free formula
✔Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid in cases of insomnia due to mental stress
✔ Helps to temporarily promote relaxation and mood balance

For full product details visit the Sleep Like Buddha product page.


Sleep Like Buddha Bedtime Bath Soak  500 g/ 5 Baths

A soothing and relaxing addition to your bedtime sleep hygiene routine. The perfect companion to our Sleep Like Buddha Natural Sleep Aid supplement, and our Sleep Like Buddha Bedtime Wellness Tea.

Luxury bath salts with Dead Sea Salts and Magnesium Flakes for real muscle relaxation benefits. pH balanced so as not to cause irritation even with the most delicate skin and membranes (yes, we mean there). With pure organic essential oils of lavender, chamomile and juniper to allow you to downshift into a relaxed state and ready your body and mind for bed.
✔ pH balanced – no citric acid or sodium bicarbonate
✔ Magnesium flakes + Dead Sea Salts to relax and soothe muscles and tension
✔ Soothing and relaxing lavender, chamomile essential oils

For full product details visit the Sleep Like Buddha Bedtime Bath Salts product page.


Wellness Tea - Sleep Like Buddha Bedtime Blend 30 g / 20 cups

Need some help with better sleep hygiene and winding down at night? This tea is a beautiful addition to your bedtime routine, and the perfect companion to our best-selling Sleep Like Buddha melatonin-free sleep capsules.

All natural
Sustainably sourced.

For full product details visit the Wellness Tea Sleep Like Buddha Bedtime Blend product page.


!00% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask


Add a luxury 100% mulberry silk sleep mask to your bedtime routine!
Light-blocking, soft and cool, this sleep mask is made from pure 100% mulberry silk.  Helps prevent creasing and wrinkling in the delicate skin around your eyes.  Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

One size (23 cm x 10 cm)

100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask product page.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Roth

Amazing products! Sleep like Buddha is now a staple in my night time regime!

thanks for sharing Melissa - thrilled it's helping you get the rest you need!