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Energize & Recover - Pre & Post Workout Duo

$94.98 CAD $99.98 CAD

Green Energy 30 servings + After Practice 30 servings

Naturally energize without caffeine, and support rehydration and recover with this combo pack of our seriously delicious, fan-favourite caffeine-free pre-workout with greens and our tropical pineapple coconut no sugar electrolyte hydrator with aminos.  These taste so good, you be even more motivated to move your body!

PRO TIP: These two powders are also amazing together!  Simply mix a scoop of each in a 750ml water bottle (more or less water depending how much flavour intensity you want) and consume during a long bike ride or other endurance activity where you want to energize and hydrate at the same time.  Plus it's super yum.


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